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MediaVantage provides real-time insight into your brand reputation

It's tougher than ever to get an accurate reading on the news coverage and online conversations that can impact your brand reputation. The changing nature of traditional news and the enthusiastic adoption of social networking applications and micro-blogging platforms like Twitter have created an environment so cluttered with information that it's virtually impossible for most organizations to stay on top of it all, never mind make any usable sense of what they find.

MediaVantage can help you take control of the online conversation by automating environmental scanning and media-monitoring processes. The application's powerful search engine monitors multiple sources for keywords relevant to your organization, and pulls the results into a single dashboard, in real time. You can then measure and analyze your results, design your communications approach, align your teams on messaging, and give corporate stakeholders usable business intelligence to guide next steps.

Explore MediaVantage solutions for corporate communications, investor relations, and PR agencies, or visit the MediaVantage features page to learn more.

Solutions for Corporate Communications

Designed specifically for in-house corporate communications teams and external PR supports, MediaVantage is a comprehensive solution for efficient brand reputation and corporate issues management.
Manage your brand reputation in real time

Solutions for IR Performance

Improve your investor relations performance with a solution that gives you early warning of potential concerns and aligns the response with corporate communications plans.
Strengthen your IR performance

Solutions for PR Agencies

Build and preserve your clients' reputations with web-based solutions that help PR agency teams deliver great work and demonstrate valuable ROI.
Build and preserve your clients' reputations