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Get the most from MediaVantage. Our client services team employs best practices to find the PR solution tailored to your needs. We analyze your organization and assemble a suite of services to meet your specifications, processes and goals. The result? A robust media intelligence and PR solution that's backed by a team of dedicated professionals focused on your success, your needs and your brand reputation.

Our suite of client services includes: 


Client Support

Excellent support is critical to your success. Access to highly skilled support staff is a key part of our service to you. We give you the tools, knowledge, access and expertise you need to ensure the highest level of support, with minimal disruption to your business.

The MediaVantage support program includes a range of services designed to meet the unique needs of MediaVantageusers, including new versions and releases of MediaVantage software, 24/7 access to our online support portal, and phone and email access to our support team during regular business hours.

The MediaVantage support program includes:

  • continuous updates, upgrades and online documentation
  • unlimited support requests by email or phone (7:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., EST/EDT, Monday–Friday)
  • 24/7 online support portal
  • product-enhancement program
  • web-based training
  • annual business reviews
  • 24/7 urgent support

Contact details

If you need immediate, live assistance, call the MediaVantage support team toll-free at 1.866.842.1723 ext. 1 (U.S. and International), 1.866.837.2510 (Canada), or email us at,



Your needs are unique - and MediaVantage's world-class training programs are uniquely tailored to meet them. We deliver our programs on-site or online, whichever works best for your team. Our four training programs deliver the full business benefits of the MediaVantage solution.

MediaVantage training programs include:

End-user training - helps you get up and running with the MediaVantage solution quickly and efficiently:

  • Start using the MediaVantage solution quickly and easily, and understand how the application affects the day-to-day functions of end users
  • Stay up to date on the application's latest features and functionality, and learn how to deal with end-user turnover

Power-user training - ensures that your key internal business champions and internal support team have the advanced knowledge they need to take full advantage of the MediaVantage solution:

  • Promote self-sufficiency of your business leaders and internal help desk team
  • Stay up to date on the application's latest features and functionality, and continuously progress towards self-sufficiency and internal expertise

Partner sales training - gives your partner sales team the training and tools they need to effectively sell our solutions:

  • Prepares your partner sales team to identify key prospect pain points and articulate MediaVantage's value proposition and the features that address those points 
  • Ensures that your sales team is equipped to meet their sales quotas

Train the Trainer - empowers your self-sufficiency in training both internal users and external customers:

Our flexible training programs are tailored to meet your unique needs and can be provided both on-site and online. You don't get just a great application, you get a complete solution that includes a team of professionals dedicated to your success.


MediaVantage Professional Services Offerings

The MediaVantage professional services team is dedicated to helping you get the most from your PR solution investment. We work with you to tailor the MediaVantage solution to your unique requirements. From implementation to customization and configuration, our team will ensure your success.

MediaVantage professional services include:

Tell us about your unique project requirements and let us tailor the MediaVantage solution to help you make the most of your PR investment.

Implementation Packages

The MediaVantage professional services team is committed to your success. Our three implementation packages are designed to reflect your existing workflows and help you adopt industry best practices rapidly and effectively, for immediate and significant business benefits.

MediaVantage implementation packages include:

MediaVantage Express

Our quick-start package focuses on getting you up and running with the MediaVantage solution, so that you'll be able to quickly and easily:

  • monitor the media for brand and reputation management
  • determine the effectiveness and reach of your campaigns
  • publish daily clip books
  • produce coverage and measurement reports

MediaVantage Classic

Mid-sized clients learn how to quickly and easily use the MediaVantage solution to effectively:

  • monitor the media for brand and reputation management
  • publish clip books and reports
  • manage issue and programs and facilitate reporting to leadership
  • track and report on communications with the media
  • manage media contact lists

MediaVantage Elite

This “enterprise-level” package is tailored to reflect your existing PR processes and workflows. MediaVantage Elite was created for clients who require the MediaVantage application to support and improve their existing PR processes and workflows. It lets you:

  • promote collaboration and enable consistent processes across multiple teams and/or geographic locations
  • customize the application for rapid user adoption and effective business value
  • import legacy data, such as contact lists and saved media content, in order to facilitate the transition to a new application



The MediaVantage professional services team works with you to achieve the maximum possible benefit from your PR solution investment. Whether you need information, guidance, or direction, our configuration services are tailored to address your organization's unique needs. 

Configure to your business processes - A key part of ensuring seamless and rapid user adoption of the MediaVantage solution is mapping our application to your unique business processes and needs. The MediaVantage application adopts your organization's branding, look and feel, and is consistent with your internal terminology and workflow, thus making it a seamless part of users' everyday processes and procedures.

MediaVantage configuration services include:

  • application nomenclature and workflow configuration
  • briefing book configuration
  • clip book template customization
  • measurement report customization


Other Services

Data Migration

Bring important pieces of legacy data, such as your external contacts lists and media clips, into your newly deployed MediaVantage solution.

Media Monitoring and Analysis

Stay on top of corporate coverage, emerging news, company-related issues and competitor news activity. Or contract us to conduct media monitoring for you.

Media Contact Research and List Creation

You understand how important it is to have current, comprehensive contact lists. The MediaVantage professional services team can research your media contact list, or lists you maintain for your clients, to ensure they contain the most accurate information. We can even add new contact information.