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Monitoring media coverage and listening to online conversations is important - but it’s just a start. MediaVantage can help you turn this information into usable business intelligence.

MediaVantage provides extensive reporting capabilities that give you high-level overviews of your overall PR activities or drill down into specific details of sentiment related to individual campaigns and issues. You can use this information to guide next steps—tweaking a message, recalling a product or retiring a campaign.

Media analysis effectivness

Analyze the success of multiple PR campaigns with easy-to-use comparison reporting.

Multiple report templates

Choose from a variety of high-resolution, interactive charts and create standardized reports. Custom templates are also available on request.

Executive visibility into your brand and corporate reputation

Evaluate multiple elements of your media coverage to provide executives with a quick, high-level view into the health of your corporate reputation.

Dashboard visibility into your campaign results

Get instant visibility into your PR or media relations campaigns, so you can make strategic planning and resource decisions.

Monitoring Dashboard

MediaVantage creates detailed reports and a variety of high-level dashboard reports—crucial for keeping C-level executives informed and up to date on your team's activities.

MediaVantage's dashboards let you retrieve, view, and analyze data within the portal—so you can address immediate concerns and get a quick overview of your global PR activities.

MediaVantage's dashboards give you:

Better access to information

Compile disparate, real-time data from across multiple lines of business, including PR, investor relations, marketing and corporate communications.

Real-time reputation analysis

Analyze global issues in real time, from your desktop.

Customizable dashboards

Personalize your dashboard with the key issues or business dimensions (geographies and/or brands) that matter most. 

Dashboard confidentiality

MediaVantage helps maintain confidentiality by letting users create dashboards only for the issues to which they have access. 

Detailed Reporting and Analytics

MediaVantage gives you interactive, in-depth analysis of your communications and public relations activities and results. Dashboards give you a high-level overview, and detailed reporting and analytics functionality provide the bigger picture. You can also break down your data by geography, product, brand, PR campaign or issue, and thus gain valuable insight into your departmental ROI.

MediaVantage's reporting and analytics features include:

Real-time media monitoring analysis

Multiple dynamic graphing filters define variables so you can graph and compare PR inputs and outputs.

Graphs that provide instant visibility

MediaVantage lets you create eye-catching graphs that clearly present the outcome of your PR activities.

Roll-up reports for issues and business dimensions

Define your organizational structure within MediaVantage and create roll-up reports on defined business dimensions (geographies, business units, brands, etc).

Executive Briefing Books

MediaVantage makes producing executive briefing notes simple and easy. Bring senior management up to date on key and emerging issues with a customizable briefing book that incorporates all of your PR activities and business intelligence into one easy-to-read document.

MediaVantage's executive briefing books give you: 

Fast access to business intelligence

Produce a full executive briefing book on your key issues in just four clicks from start to finish.

Accurate data

With all of your information stored in one location, you can be sure your data is accurate and up to date in real-time.

Customizable features

MediaVantage lets you easily customize your executive briefing book template with your own cover page, logos, colors and fonts, to produce professional publications.


Keep issue briefings on track with detailed, well-prepared notes.