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Solutions for Investor Relations

Accurate and timely information is the currency of every investor relations professional - whether it's about your own organization, the competition, or the industry - because any emerging issue could seriously impact your bottom line.

Elevate your investor relations performance with the MediaVantage collaborative issues management solution.
The MediaVantage solution gives investor relations teams access to the same news coverage and analysis that corporate communications and PR teams compile to manage brand reputation from their perspective. Using MediaVantage, investor relations professionals can contribute a different viewpoint on what may or may not be an emerging issue.

MediaVantage securely links all relevant internal teams - including investor relations, legal, and corporate communications - in a collaborative setting where they can engage in discussions about potential issues, monitor media in real time, access information archives, and assemble analytics and reports - all using a single dashboard.

MediaVantage's features support investor relations professionals through:

  • Unlimited searching and news monitoring - monitor mainstream and vertical investment news and information sources.
  • Detailed reporting and analytics - gather data for reports on the competition and the investor community.
  • Real-time alerts: immediate reputation management - review breaking news as it happens.
  • Call tracking and logging - all investor communications can be logged for team member review, or remain confidential.
  • Cost effectiveness - multiple teams and external members can collaborate within a single, secure tool.
  • Web-based efficiency - Simple and quick to deploy; easy to learn and use.

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