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Solutions for Corporate Communications

The MediaVantage solution lets your corporate communications team collaborate in a secure, online setting with its external PR agency, media relations, investor relations, and other internal contacts to manage important issues in real time. Our monitoring and measurement features help you manage your company's most important asset - its reputation.

Through a single dashboard, you gain a clear picture of your company's key PR performance metrics, insight into team outreach activity, and advanced analysis that demonstrates the value of communications and PR initiatives.

MediaVantage offers real-time monitoring and robust reporting capabilities so you get the whole picture:

  • Interactive analysis of your PR activities and outreach. Define the level of granularity you need for insight into the impact of your corporate communications campaigns.
  • Comprehensive, competitive intelligence. Keep tabs on your competitors with limitless searching, real-time monitoring, and media-coverage analysis.
  • An understanding of brand-image perception. Analyze coverage on multiple dimensions to evaluate how your brand is being played out in the media, including tonality, key message pickup, PR activities, quote inclusion, brand mentions, competitor mentions, coverage type, article, and outlet prominence.
  • PR dashboard. Analyze the success of campaigns and make calculated go-forward decisions quickly and confidently.

MediaVantage provides a secure, collaborative workspace to manage all of your corporate communications initiatives:

  • Gain insight into team productivity. View all email and phone contacts logged by your team with stakeholders and media, and generate exportable charts with the one-click wizard.
  • Observe agency productivity. Monitor the efforts of your PR agency and collaborate in real time on emerging issues.
  • Secure your data. Protect information and keep it confidential between application users through customized user roles.
  • Stay on message. Keep everyone on the same page with a secure, centralized document library, where spokespeople can access the latest speaking points and statistics from any Internet connection.

MediaVantage delivers everything you need to manage your brand reputation:

  • One platform. MediaVantage consolidates all your media monitoring content into a single solution, allowing you to report and compare results across media and between issues with just one click. 
  • Collaborative workspaces. All material relating to an issue is placed in a collaborative workspace, allowing members to stay up to date on important issues and discuss them.
  • A global application. Because it's web-based, MediaVantage's reputation-management solution is fast and easy to deploy. It lets your team members access the product wherever they are, whenever they need it.

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