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Communications Management

MediaVantage provides complete support for your company's communications processes. With comprehensive tools to track and organize your campaigns, issues, crisis-management activities and corporate messaging, as well as your team members' activities, MediaVantage is the ultimate communications solution: it keeps all your key stakeholders aligned and on message.

One central location
Connect your entire team using a secure online workspace where they can share files and consult on policies, issues, crisis communications, media or marketing campaigns, and media-relations activities.

Real-time access to messages and documents
Align your team and keep spokespeople on message with real-time access to key positioning documents and instant insight into media, consumer or competitive reaction to your communications efforts.

Historical insight
Keep a record of discussions, archive content related to previous issues, and maintain a corporate history of all campaigns, activities, successes and lessons learned, for future reference.

Issue-centric communications
Gain greater insight into your overall PR and communications activities by tracking and comparing the performance of specific campaigns and issues.

Issue-Centric Approach

MediaVantage's issue-centric structure saves media coverage—specific PR campaigns, projects, topics, competitors, individuals, or any subject you think bears watching—according to its corresponding issue, for easy content management. All material related to each issue is saved to one centralized location, where your global team can access everything they may need to deal with an escalating situation.

MediaVantage's issue-centric approach to PR management includes:

Centralized issue library for your PR team members

MediaVantage lets you organize all of your issue materials in one location for quick access and reference, making it easy to prepare for briefings, interviews and meetings.

Collaborative workspace for your PR team

Keep your team up to date on important issues, and discuss and update documents and messaging in a secure online environment.

Comparative analysis of public relations campaigns

With all of your media coverage saved to specific issues, it is easy to use MediaVantage reporting tools to compare the success of individual PR campaigns.

Collaborative Workspaces

The MediaVantage solution enables your communication and media relations specialists, PR agencies, and corporate executives to all connect and collaborate on sensitive PR topics in a secure environment. With one centralized location to share and exchange information, you can ensure that everyone is staying up to date with the most current data and messaging. Public relations agencies can also use the tool to build individual workspaces to include specific clients and other stakeholders to discuss, review and approve issues and documents.

MediaVantage's collaborative workspace integrates:

Secure collaboration

Connect your entire corporate communications team to a secure online location, where they can consult on policies, issues, crisis communications, media or marketing campaigns, and media-relations activities.

Real-time issue alerts

Alert key stakeholders when there are developments related to PR campaigns or issues.

Discussion threads

Archive campaign- or issues-management discussion history, post-mortem case studies and other past results for later reference, or to build upon lessons learned when planning future campaigns.

Customized user roles

Configure system and issue access rights based on assigned user roles, to dictate the privileges of team members, control sensitive issues and ensure individuals only view appropriate content.


Communication Log

Don’t let your spokespeople be caught unprepared. With MediaVantage's communication log, you can keep track of prior engagements with journalists from around the globe, so everyone knows who has said what to whom—and when. 

MediaVantage's communication log lets you:

Log a call

Track all interactions with all journalists by type of engagement (incoming, outgoing, missed call or email), and indicate whether appropriate follow-up is needed.

Receive 72-hour alerts

Receive instant notification within MediaVantage if a journalist has called someone in your organization within the last 72 hours.

Track unique journalists

Get complete visibility on specific media contacts who have called or written to your media relations colleagues, and find out what, why and when the corporate response was delivered.

Media Directory

MediaVantage includes a comprehensive media directory that puts you in touch with key journalists and decision makers around the globe. Build, edit, save and share media lists on demand. Track email threads, schedule critical meetings, develop personal lists of key media and project-related contacts, or send an email to targeted journalists.
MediaVantage helps you manage media engagement and keep track of your communications easily and efficiently.

MediaVantage's media directory lets you:

Find appropriate media contacts

Locate appropriate media contacts within MediaVantage's media directory, supplemented by directories from PR Newswire global and Canada Newswire.

Research upcoming editorial opportunities

Scan editorial calendars to find the best opportunities to pitch story ideas.

Connect instantly

Engage with media contacts directly through the MediaVantage portal, and track your outreach with the integrated email tool.

Configure privacy settings

Log calls with journalists, marking select calls as "private" to make them invisible to other MediaVantage users.